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Reasons why you need to encrypt your smartphone!

Advancements in technology have made our lives easier and everything is literally on our fingertips. As beneficial as it is for us, it comes with its fair share of disadvantages. Invasion of privacy is one of the major challenges that one faces while using modern technology. However, there are ways you can maintain your privacy and one of the best ways to do it is by using a cryptophone.

If you are a novice and have doubts about encrypting your smartphone, then you are in luck.

Below we share a few reasons why you should encrypt your smartphone.

Your Data and Information is Valuable

Just because you are not a celebrity or a public personality doesn’t mean that the information you share online, via various social networks or websites, is not valuable.

If you love to indulge in online retail therapy every once in a while, your personal information, your credit card number and even your bank account information is out there in the open for anyone to abuse and misuse. Using an encrypted device secures your data and prevents your personal information from floating freely online.

Cybercriminals Can Have a Field Day with Your Data

Using a smartphone has … Read the rest