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Google is now Alphabet Inc.: About the stock

Ever since the rise in awareness about investing, more people have started consciously investing their money in various investment avenues. Most investors tend to be risk-averse and want stable returns from their investments. But it is stocks that will give you higher returns than any other investment, but the risk involved in them is equally high. So if you are an investor who is ready to take some risk for good rewards, then investing in stocks should be your pick.

The world has seen a steady shift to the digital age in the last 2 decades. Tech companies that were started during the early period of the internet era have seen growth in multiple folds. People who invested in these companies when they were starting out now have shares worth millions. That’s how much growth potential these stocks hold. Trillion-dollar companies like Amazon opened their IPO with $18 stocks and the same stocks have now grown to be priced at more than $3,000.

One such fast-growing tech giant is Alphabet Inc. Parent company to the world’s favorite search engine Google, the company operates through Google and its other subsidiaries. They provide online advertising services of various kinds all over the … Read the rest